Hello, I'm

Praveen Selvam

I am a

I'm a

Technology Consultant

I help organizations onboard onto current technologies and also support leadership teams with the change management. On the engineering side, I design (visually) and build usable and high quality software products and manage it’s deliveries defending commonly known execution pitfalls. I have all round skills to take ideas from concept to real world software and my job involves a combination of creative, technical and leadership skills. I’ve been practicing my craft of software design and development since 2002.

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I'm a hobbyist musician

I used to DJ at parties. I generally play Bollywood, Tamil, Internation Dance, Pop, EDM and a bit of House. I’m also a hobbyist music producer and play the cajón.

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I have an eye for photography

I’ve done professional work in my past, but right now I pursue photography as a hobby. I’ve published some of my best pictures on a facebook page. Have a look if you’re interested.

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I publish engaging travel stories

I usually travel on a motorcycle, but sometimes by other means as well. I run a blog where I’ve publish my travel stories. Warning! Don’t go there unless you have time to kill! I'm also the national winner of Wrangler True Wanderers Season 1.

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